Conventional Spray Gun

The legendary DeVilbiss JGA spray gun sets industry standards for high
production performance.


The DeVilbiss JGA is a manual high performance conventional air atomising spray gun suitable for heavy duty
industrial spray finishing and surface coating applications of abrasive, ceramic, enamels and difficult to spray materials.
The JGA has long been regarded around the world as the spray operators first choice and it has earned an enviable
reputation for quality, performance, durability and precision control.
Built to withstand continuous production line duty the JGA gun body is produced in drop forged aluminium and the
replaceable air cap retaining baffle eliminates the need to replace the gun body should the threads become worn or
The extensive range of Air Caps, Fluid Tips and Needles are made to exacting tolerances providing excellent application
and fluid compatibility.
Market and Applications
All applications in the Ceramics and Glaze Industry
Ceramic coatings and glazes
Stove Enamels
Most types of abrasive paints
Difficult to spray and heavily bodied materials.

The perfect gun for enamel, ceramic and glaze applications with forged aluminium gun body and removable body

baffle for a longer working life.
Wide range of stainless steel, hardened and tungsten carbide fluid tips and needles for heavy duty applications.
Gun body with Stainless Steel fluid passageways for solvent and waterborne paints and superior corrosion resistance.
Light smooth trigger action to reduce operator fatigue.
“On gun” controls for air and fluid flow adjustment for optimum performance.

DeVilbiss JGA Spray Gun “The Industry Standard”
JGA Conventional Spray Guns are built to withstand continuous
production line duty, the gun body is produced from drop forged
aluminium and are built for easy maintenance by the operator.
DeVilbiss air caps, fluid tips and needles are available in
stainless, hardened and tungsten carbide steel and are
precision engineered to produce finely atomised patterns with
first class material distribution throughout the spray pattern.

JGA Press Guns


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