Air Spray Gun JGX-502

“fit & feel”

Lightweight, Compactness and High Performance
Gravity Feed, Suction Feed,
Pressure Feed

The JGX-502 air spray gun, an improved version of the
JGX-501, is a product of the latest finishing technology
developed in Japan, in cooperation with DEVILBISS in
USA, a pioneer and current leader in the finishing
industry for more than 120 years.
The JGX-502 air cap is retained onto the spray gun by
a retaining ring that screws to threads on the baffle.
The retaining ring is made from lightweight and very
durable POM. This feature provides a longer gun life
cycle and in the event of thread damage, only the
replacement of the baffle is required.



Lightweight, Compactness and High Performance
Outstanding atomization is achieved with the JGX-502 spray gun although it weighs only
430g (Gravity Feed), or 440g (Suction Feed).
The JGX-502 provides a quality finish with both metallic and the Pearl Mica paints.
Soft-seat Tips Prevent Fluid Leakage
A special UHMW polyethylene seat built into the stainless steel fluid tip prevents fluid from
leaking past the tip, and extends usable life of the fluid tip and needle.
Stainless Steel Fluid Passage
All fluid passages in the JGX-502 spray gun are made from stainless steel, making it suitable for
all types of materials.
Unique Air Cap Design
Perfect alignment between the air cap and the fluid tip is maintained through DEVILBISS’
patented Ball & Cone principle, and therefore it provides excellent atomization as well as
consistent and uniform spray patterns.
Highly Durable Needle Packing
A new two-piece combination needle packing of patented design provides surprisingly long
packing life. Also, less frequent packing adjustment is required.
Air Adjustment Valve on Handle
The air adjustment valve positioned at the air inlet on the gun handle allows the operator easy air


Air Inlet : 1/4PF (BSP)
Fluid Inlet : 3/8PF (BSP)(Gravity Feed:1/4PF)
Weight : 430g (Gravity Feed)
440g (Suction Feed)

*Fluid inlet nipple 1/4PF is optional



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Air Spray Gun JGX-502

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